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Immerse yourself in a sanctuary of style and comfort with Cara Saven Wall Design’s bespoke bedroom wallpapers. Our curated collection transforms bedrooms from simple sleeping spaces into luxurious retreats. With durability surpassing traditional options, our wallpapers are tailored to your wall’s dimensions and seamlessly fit into residential homes, hotels and guesthouses. Dive into a world where color, texture, and pattern converge, crafting an intimate escape uniquely yours.


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Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Wallpaper

Selecting the ideal bedroom wallpaper involves balancing personal style with room dynamics. Consider the bed’s placement, room size, and your desired ambiance to ensure a harmonious and inviting space.

Wallpaper and Bedroom Walls

When deciding which walls to adorn in your bedroom, consider the size of the available space and the position of your bed. For those with a double bed, accentuating the wall behind it with a striking pattern creates a captivating focal point, while complementing with neutral shades on the remaining walls brings balance. Spacious rooms can embrace all four walls with subtler designs or earthy wallcoverings, ensuring cohesion without overwhelming the senses. Single bed spaces can highlight a feature wall, using the bed’s placement as a guide, with patterns providing visual separation in multifunctional rooms. In master bedrooms, the wall behind or opposite the bed is excellent for wallpaper. Ultimately, your bedroom’s design should resonate with your personal preference, reflecting your unique style.

What Is the Best Wallpaper for Dressing Rooms?

Dressing spaces in bedrooms deserve attention, too! While no stringent rules exist, harmonizing your dressing room wallpaper with the bedroom or reflecting your fashion style can add a personal touch. If you have a distinct dressing area in your bedroom, adding wallpaper can improve the space, making the room feel more specialized and individual.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Bedroom Wallpaper

The bedroom is a sanctuary, so its wallpaper should exude relaxation and tranquility. With an extensive selection of wallpaper available, here are some guidelines and design tips to help you choose the ideal design for your bedroom.

Retro Designs

Dive deep into nostalgia with vintage wallpaper options, capturing the essence of past eras in stylish and memorable ways. Let history grace your walls with a modern twist on beloved classics.

Modern Designs

Step into the contemporary age with choices like patterns and texture wallpapers, adding depth and sophistication. These designs play with color, light, and shadow, offering a sleek finish that complements modern aesthetics.

Romantic Designs

Whisk yourself away to dreamy spaces with delicate designs like our floral wallpapers. These designs capture the elegance of nature, combining subtle hues and intricate patterns to instill a sense of love and tranquility.

Vibrant & Bold Designs

For those who wish to make a resounding statement, wallpapers with art effects or geometric designs are superb options. Dynamic in design and bold in color, they command attention and infuse energy into any bedroom space.

Botanical Designs

Ground your sanctuary in the beauty of the natural world with botanical wallpaper. From lush greens to blooming flowers, these designs mirror the outdoors, creating a peaceful and organic ambiance.