Frequently asked questions

Can I order a sample?

Our samples are available in sizes 8″x12″ at $20 per sample or 24″x24″ at $50 per sample and printed on your choice of ground substrate. The sample price includes shipping to anywhere in the US, excludes sales tax and it takes about 14 days to arrive. Please send an email to to place your order for a sample.

Can I change the colours or scale of the designs?

Yes, you are welcome to request colour changes or scale changes to our designs.

How long does it take from ordering to delivery/ installation?

Once we have received a deposit, it will take 2-3 days (existing design) and 5-7 days (custom design) for you to receive a layout for approval. Once you have approved the size and design on your layout, it takes approximately 4 days to print your order. If you require a sample, you can add another 5 days to this process. Delivery time will depend on where you are based.

What if I have old wallpaper on my walls?

You cannot install over old wallpaper. You will need to remove this before installing our wallpaper. If we are managing your installation, you are welcome to request that we quote you to remove the wallpaper.

How do you charge for the use of the designs?
This depends on the size of your wall. The larger your wall, the higher the charge to set up the design as we will rework the design to suit your wall. If you are choosing an existing design, we will charge a set up. If you would like to make changes to our existing designs, this has a separate fee (again, depending on the size of your wall). If you would like a fully customised design, we will charge based on the complexity of the design.
Is there a different cost depending on which design I choose?
All the designs on our website are the same price. That price is determined on your wall size and not the design itself.
Can I use wallpaper in a bathroom with humidity?

Yes, you can use our Seamless UV printed product which is especially suited for bathrooms.

How does my wall need to be prepped before I apply wallpaper?

Your wall must be smooth! Wallpaper cannot be applied to the following places or surfaces: Face brick (did we really need to spell that out?), outdoor walls, plastic, metal, melamine, door frames, glass.Wallpaper can only be applied to walls that have been skimmed, primed and painted. If you are starting from scratch, we recommend using an oil-based primer and one coat of washable/ PVA paint.

FYI if you are using our seamless wallpaper make sure you use paint that contains Zinc Oxide (don’t stress, most of them do). Plascon and Dulux washable paints are all good to go.

Do you sell your wallpaper in rolls like I buy from a shop?

No, our wallpaper does not come in rolls like you buy from the local fabric shop. It either comes in panels (standard wallpaper) or in one long piece (seamless). Make sure your installer knows how to install this kind of wallpaper. On standard wallpaper we provide a 20mm overlap on all our panels that need to be cut away, to create a butt join (that is when the wallpaper meets perfectly and seamlessly on the same level). Check out our website for more info and a diagram to show your installer.

How do I measure my wall?

Measure the highest height of your wall (excluding skirting and ceiling moulding) and measure the full width of the wall (include the width of any doors and windows)

What do I do about windows and doors in the wall I want to wallpaper?

They are no problem – we print the whole wall, as if they are not there. For recesses (think windows that are set back, think doorways, think the places you want us to fold the wallpaper into), here’s the thing…you can only tuck the wallpaper into the top and bottom OR the left and right. Not both. There isn’t enough wallpaper to do this and even if there is, you will have to live with a mismatch of design in the corners.

Here’s what we suggest.

A) Choose top/bottom or left/right,

B) Live with the little mismatch in the corners.

C) Don’t tuck any wallpaper and use a beading to frame around the edges of your recess to finish it off beautifully.

Do you have a showroom?

We do not have a traditional showroom. Our website acts as our online showroom and we have a studio that works on an appointment basis. You are welcome to request that we send you samples of our products. If you are looking for a sample of a specific design, we charge you a small fee, which is refundable once you place an order.

Do you offer on-site measurements?

For large projects, absolutely. For smaller projects you will need to take your own measurements but we can certainly help you out with how to do this. Also, we add a bleed of 8cm onto all our orders so if you are out by one or 2cm, we’ve got your back.

Why are there bubbles after my installation?

Wallpaper bubbles are common after an installation. They usually take 2- 3 days to go depending on the weather. If they are there after that, just call us or your installer back to remove them.

Can your wallpaper be cleaned?

All our wallpapers can be wiped with a clean, damp cloth. Never use abrasive substances on wallpaper as this can cause damage.

Can I give you my own image to print wallpaper from?
Yes sure, but we will need to check that image before we can commit, to make sure it is of a decent quality and is high enough in terms of resolution to print from.
Can you do a completely bespoke design for me?
Of course – that’s what we are known for and can certainly do you a design from scratch. Chat to one of our team to brief them on your design needs.
What if I would like a sample?

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly to request a sample and we will gladly oblige.